Wedding Bobbleheads-Happy Wedding Moment!

As a gift, bobbleheads are becoming more and more popular nowdays. These are no longer clay figurines but durable, high-quality dolls that you can customize to your liking.

The wedding bobblehead is so versatile that you can place it anywhere, even in the bun-shaped head. It's difficult to stop looking at it as a wedding gift.






 Decorating the cake with bobbleheads cake toppers for any occasion is a one-off idea. Especially the wedding cake is, kind of, incomplete without the bobblehead cake toppers. At Lucky Bobbleheads, we create theme based cake toppers bobbleheads. Be it a Canadian wedding, wedding on the beach, an Indian wedding or wedding in the suburbs, we create beautiful wedding cake toppers and you can choose the one of your choice from our collection or get a customised one made. The cake toppers bobbleheads not only add beauty and fun to the cake toppings but can be kept for years to come as a memoir to cherish for years to come. To have a bobble cake topper on anniversary cakes is a unique idea and will be a gift remembered forever. With best quality and precision, wedding bobblehead cake toppers are an excellent way to celebrate and honor this special day!


Bobblehead cake topper are a must-have for any party. You can also create your own custom bobblehead cake topper. will create a cake topper for you by sending the images. You will be able to pick your favorite.




Their cake toppings are of the highest quality and will add charm and fun to any occasion. It's a great idea to pick your favorite topping for your family and friends. This gift should be a surprise to them and a pleasure.




The cake topper may be placed on the wedding cake and on the mom's table at the reception.




Bobbleheads as wedding cake toppers


The traditional wedding cake toppers are classic figurines that symbolize the bride and groom. These toppers can be made from wax, icing sugar or wood. These cake toppers are symbolic of the couple's resemblance, rather than actual.




To celebrate, the moment was blessed with flowers and bells. Modern weddings have funky themes that encourage cake toppers and bakers to adapt to the more realistic bride or groom.


Here's how to order custom-made wedding bobbleheads


Select a similar Bobbleheads Model from Our Shop. We can make any style Bobblehead as you like. Simply send us your high resolution photos and we will help you choose the hair, eyes and skin color for your bobblehead.



1. Premium Material. We use a nontoxic, polychrome, and transformable material called polymer clay. This bobblehead's color will not fade or rub off. Other sellers use cheap poly resin and paint the bobblehead head-to-toe.


2. Please send us your photo after you have placed an order. Send us the following information: a positive photo of you with clear facial features, and the desired costume image. To design the pose or details of the figure, you can use your imagination.


3. Please choose the hair, eyes, and skin tone from the attached photo ( Choose hair color, skin colour, eye color, and send us a message).


4.We will confirm your confirmation by sending you the photo after the head of the figure is completed. Make sure to double-check. The torso will be completed once the head is complete. The confirmation and modification process cannot be modified.


5. What if I can't find the model that I like? If you don't like the body pose but can still choose it, you can pick the same one and then send us the changing request in the message box. We will make your bobblehead as per your request.


6. Is it possible to change small accessories on the model's body? You can change the small accessories on the bobblehead's hands free of charge. Just leave a message or send me a picture.